Make Today Count by John C. Maxwell

Imagine waking up every morning with a sense of purpose, knowing that each decision you make brings you one step closer to a fulfilling life. In his transformative book "Make Today Count," John C. Maxwell reveals the power of living intentionally and making each day matter.

Make Today Count by John C. Maxwell
Designed by Olubunmi Nmerenu

In today's world, we face conflicting priorities and it's very easy to get caught up in the rat race of future goals that we overlook the importance of living in the present.

In his book "Make Today Count", John Maxwell reminds us that our lives are ultimately the sum of our daily choices and actions, and by focusing on making the most of each day, we can build a life that is not only successful but deeply meaningful.

The 12 Daily Dozen

John Maxwell believes that success is built through consistent daily disciplines rather than random bursts of effort, which was why he introduced the concept of the "Daily Dozen" - twelve critical areas of life that we should focus on every day to create a well-rounded and fulfilling life.

These areas include attitude, priorities, health, family, thinking, commitment, finances, faith, relationships, generosity, values, and growth.

John Maxwell believes that by identifying these essential areas and developing positive habits in each one, we can lay the foundation for a well-lived life.